How do you get Tinea Versicolor?
How do you get Tinea Versicolor?

Tinea versicolor is caused by a yeast that normally lives in everybody’s scalp. People who live in a warm humid climate are more susceptible to acquiring the infection. Once established the infection tends to recur after treatment. The infection is less likely to occur in older individuals.

This 23-year-old male consulted his doctor because of the appearance of white circles on his chest and back.  The doctor performed a skin scraping and examined the scale under the microscope and made a diagnosis of tina versicolor.

There are many treatments available for this condition. One of the oldest and most reliable is  Selsun lotion. The lotion is applied to the entire affected area and washed off 10 minutes later. This is repeated for 7 days. Patients who recur frequently can be treated with an oral medication called itraconazole. This is taken for one or 2 weeks. The white circles are still present at the end of treatment and do not go away until the   person gets a tan.  it may also be useful to shampoo the scalp with Selsun at the same time the skin is treated.