Atopic dermatitis

Patients have varying degrees of dry skin. This is especially prominent on the lower legs. The dermatitis also referred to as eczema or eczematous inflammation can occur in many different areas.

Dry skin

Severe dry skin in a patient who is predisposed to atopic dermatitis.


Babies and children often present with eczema on the cheeks. Eczema in this location may be stimulated by contamination with food and saliva.

Atopic dermatitis occurs commonly on the face of children

Atopic dermatitis occurs commonly on the face of children


Babies can present with widespread inflammation that spares the diaper area. Children and adults develop eczema in the anti-cubital and popliteal fossa and about the wrists and ankles. Constant scratching of these areas produces a thick kind of eczema called lichenification. This thick form of eczema itches intensely stimulating even more scratching.

atopic dermatitis legs

Atopic dermatitis commonly occurs in the skin folds of the arms and legs in children and adults


Atopic dermatitis hands

Atopic dermatitis commonly occurs on the wrists and ankles. Continuous scratching thickens the skin.

Adults are especially prone to develop eczema on the eyelids and the neck. Rubbing and scratching the eyelids can cause extensive long-term treatment resistant inflammation. Some adults have persistent widespread inflammation involving the entire body including the face. These patients lead a miserable existence.


Constant rubbing of the eyelids thickens the skin and spreads the inflammation

Atopic dermatitis on the neck

Atopic dermatitis on the neck