Common and plantar warts

Corns on the plantar surface may look like a plantar wart. It is very important to differentiate the two lesions. Shave suspicious lesions with a 15 surgical blade. Corns will shave easily without pain. Insert the tip of the 15 surgical blade slightly at the edge of the corn, rotate the blade and removeĀ  the hard callus. This relieves pain and makes the diagnosis of a corn. Inserting the tip of the blade into a wart causes immediate pain. Lesions that expand, cause pain, bleed or develop pigmentation must be biopsied to rule out malignant melanoma.

Corns on the foot

Corns are frequently misdiagnosed as plantar warts


Malignant melanoma on the heel. There were no symptoms.


Malignant melanoma on the heel. This thick lesion caused pain.