Dry skin


By: / Updated: December 1st, 2011

Cetaphil is an effective moisturizer that is available in both cream and lotion form

People with dry skin should bath less frequently. Moisturizing lotions and creams are used on a routine basis. They are more effective when applied to moist skin. Pat the skin dry after a bath and immediately apply lotions or creams. There are numerous products available for skin moisturizing. They are all effective. Lotions are lighter and easier to apply but their effect is not as long lasting as heavier creams.





It is important to understand that there are no special ingredients that make these perforations more effective. Each year new lotions and creams become available with some magic ingredient. These preparations are not more effective but cost more. There is no reason to pay a premium price for moisturizers. $10 creams and lotions are just as effective as small jars of creams that cost $50-$100. Aveeno is a commonly used effective moisturizer available in cream and lotion forms. It is very effective and moderately priced.



Aquaphor is an ointment with special lubricating qualities. It is quite thick and very substantial. It can be used on any body surface for long lasting protection.







Ichthyosis and severe dry skin can be treated with lotions and creams that contain ammonium lactate. This chemical has special lubricating qualities that repairs dry skin. It must be used on a routine basis.





High capacity humidifier

Humidifiers can be effective for correcting dry skin. It is important to get a humidifier that puts gallons of water each day into the dwelling.