Genital herpes

Acute first episode disease presents with vesicles over wide areas. Recurrent disease shows vesicles confined to a small area.


Accute genital herpes showing vesicals covering a wide area


Genital herpes showing erosions covering a wide area

Recurrent herpes usually occur in exactly the same area with each recurrent episode. Vesicles clear and are replaced with erosions and then crust. Healing is without scarring unless the inflammation is intense enough to cause ulcers. Then physical examination during inactive periods shows a group of punctate scars.


Recurrent herpes showing a cluster of vesicals localized to a single area


Recurrent herpes. The vesicals have been replaced by erosions.



Recurrent herpes. Crusting is the last stage before healing.

Tender lymphadenopathy occurs during the first acute episode. Some patients experience tender lymphadenopathy during a recurrence.

Herpes simplex infection of the buttocks occurs almost exclusively in women. The origin of infection at this site is still unknown. The disease may recur frequently at this site and may show multiple sites of recurrence at the same time. This can be debilitating.


Herpes of the buttocks is seen almost exclusively in women