Genital warts

Warts appear as isolated small papules or may be grouped closely together and form a mass that covers a wide area. The lesions are flesh colored or red. Warts may be flat and difficult to detect even by careful physical examination. Warts may be florid when they appear in moist intertriginous areas such as around the anus or the vulva. These extensive lesions are best treated with the careful application of topical medicines. Warts are occasionally found in the oral cavity. Consider testing all patients with any sexually transmitted diseases for HIV infection.


Genital warts on the shaft of the penis. These individual lesions have the characteristic surface mosaic pattern of a wart.


Genital warts. The virus spreads easily under the moist surface of the foreskin and can produce numerous warts.


Genital warts easily spread over the warm moist surfaces of the vulva to produce many lesions. The brown color on the surface of this mass of warts is a medicine called podophyllin.


Genital warts in the anal area. The wart virus spreads easily in this warm moist area.