Patient’s present with any combination of pustules, flushing and blushing and small blood vessels on the skin surface. The forehead, cheeks and nose are the areas most commonly affected.


Rosacea. Pustules are found on the forehead, cheeks and nose

The disease may be limited or extensive. Inflammation may be intense enough to cause cysts. There are rare highly inflammatory forms of the disease that involve the entire face or scalp.


Rosacea. An extensive case involving the entire face. There are numerous pustules and the skin is intensely red.

Chronic inflammation of the nose can result in a disfiguring enlargement called rhinophyma. These changes are permanent but can be corrected with surgical procedures.


Rosacea of the nose


Rosacea of the nose may cause enlargement and distortion and produce rhinophyma

Rosacea can cause many eye changes. These often times respond to oral antibiotics.


Rosacea can involve many areas of the eye and multiple signs and symptoms


Rosacea of the eye can result in intense inflammation and many different signs and symptoms