There are little or no symptoms when the mite is first acquired. Localized itching in one of several areas begins and scratching commences. Redness and scaling appear. The classic sites of involvement include the finger webs, the axilla, the central abdomen, the ankles and the areola of the breast.


Redness and scaling on the backs of the hands and especially on the finger webs is a common finding in scabies


Numerous red papules on the trunk are another highly characteristic sign of scabies


Erosions and small red nodules on the penis and scrotum are diagnostic of scabies.


Red papules on the tip of the penis, shaft of the penis and scrotum are diagnostic signs of scabies

Patient’s who have scabies for longer than 6 weeks become miserable. Itching is worse at night and disturbs the sleep. The patient becomes frantic when inappropriate treatments fail.