The disease can begin at any age. There are no symptoms. Trauma and sunburn can initiate lesions.


Vitiligo. It is important to examine the underarms and anal area. Loss of pigment in these areas confirms the diagnosis of vitiligo.


Vitiligo. Always examine the anal area in patients suspected of having vitiligo. Loss of pigment in this area confirms the diagnosis of vitiligo.


Vtiligo hand. This commonly involved site responds poorly to all forms of treatment. It is best concealed with cosmetics or tanning creams.


Vitiligo. The patient has had the problem for years and has slowly lost about 40% of her pigmentation. The pigmented area fads in the wintertime and improves the cosmetic appearance.


Vitiligo on the penis. Patients who are unaware of this disease are baffled by the appearance and imagine that they have some strange sexually transmitted disease. They are sometimes embarrassed to ask medical professionals about this problem.