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January 18, 2022

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Hidradenitis Suppurativa Cases

The follow are clinical examples of hidradenitis suppurative. Once the disease starts, it becomes progressive and self-perpetuating. The course varies from an occasional cyst in the axillae to diffuse abscess formation in the inguinal region.

This is an early lesion. A noninflamed papule evolved into an inflamed lesion and the diagnosis of an abscess was mad. This lesion has ruptured exuding purulent discharge. The nodule healed with scarring but then recurs in the adjacent area.

Here multiple nodules have occurred , coalesced and become infected.

Extensive, deep, dermal inflammation has resulted in large, painful abscesses.

Early lesions on the buttock have recurred, become more extensive and extended to form fistulas and scar. The process repeated and resulted in draining dermal sinus tracts over a wide confluent area.

The healing process permanently alters the dermis. Cordlike bands of scar tissue criss-cross the axillae and groin. Reepithelialization leads to meandering, epithelial-lined sinus tracts in which foreign material and bacteria become trapped.