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January 26, 2021

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Moles Atypical nevi – Appearance

Atypical nevi differ from common acquired melanocytic nevi. Atypical nevi are usually larger, ranging from 6 mm-15 mm in diameter. The border is irregularly outlined, indistinct, and fades imperceptibly into the surrounding skin. Color is variegated with a haphazard mixture of pink, tan, brown, and black. The surface is irregular, often with a central or eccentric papule surrounded by a prominent macular component. Atypical nevi can appear anywhere in the skin but occur most commonly on the trunk and upper extremities. Affected persons often have nevi in sun-protected areas, such as the scalp, groin, buttocks, the breasts in women, and the palms and soles. The presence of nevi in these unusual locations in prepubertal children may be the first clinical sign of the syndrome.