Birthmark Approach to the Newborn | Dermatology Education Birthmark Approach to the Newborn Video
January 18, 2022

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Birthmark Approach to the Newborn

Vascular birthmarks can be quite subtle or quite dramatic in their presentation. Frequently, it is difficult to tell the difference between a vascular malformation and a vascular growth at birth. Many times, infants must be followed through time to examine the growth pattern of the lesion.

Most vascular birthmarks are sporadic and not part of an inherited condition or syndrome. However, there are some well-defined syndromes in which vascular birthmarks can be seen. Thus, vascular birthmarks must be examined in the context of the whole child.

Factors such as feeding, breathing, and overall clinical appearance are important factors to consider when examining infant with a vascular birthmark.

Rarely, vascular birthmarks can have associated involvement of other organ systems. Such systemic involvement is usually accompanied by overt clinical signs.